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Description: Where is Spot Welding used? There are many applications of Spot Welding. It is not unique to just connecting metals, and the metals in which Spot Welding is the preferred choice is very wide depending upon the metals' available, and the application. The SpotTrack Project looks solely at the improvements in identifying welding failure and conversely weld quality i.e "Pass Rates" in repairs to automotive applications namely Car Collision Repairs. To understand the role of Spot Welding, it has to be seen in context within Automotive Manufacturing. Automotive Manufacturing Firstly we should consider the complexities in modern vehicle body design. The design objectives are varied such as:- Torsional Strength / Marketable Looks / Weight / Serviceability / Reparability / Economy of Manufacture / Longevity / Use of Common Parts / Survivability / Crashability / Recyclability / Occupant and Pedestrian Safety / Fuel consumption / CO2 emission and cost of ownership / Acceleration / Performance / Disposal at End of Life / Embracing New and Emerging technologies in materials, forming and connecting sciences. As you can see, this is a very complex set of situations and in some circumstances has conflicting objectives. For example, weight reduction might improve performance. However, weight reduction could mean reducing the Torsional Rigidity and Overall Strength of the Body Structure. To achieve lightweight construction they can either use lightweight material like Plastics, Carbon fibre, Magnesium, Aluminum or high strength steel or a combination of many materials. Carbon fibre is absolutely too expensive for the cars of mass market. Aluminum is very expensive as a mass production material, but can be applied on higher priced cars. In some cases e.g. Audi TT, Aluminium is used for the whole body, supplemented by steel. In some cases the front structure of middle class cars uses Aluminium to reduce the weight in the front where we have the engine weight. In these cases to give a 50/50% weight distribution from front to rear.
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