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MIG Welders

Title: MIG Welders
Description: This website is owned and operated by TWS Direct Ltd, a company that has a wealth of experience behind it. The Head of Finances has over 50 years of knowledge from within the Welding Industry, our Technical Expert has been involved with running successful Welding Companies for 30 years and our Director of Operations has 18 years valued experience with online sales. Together with our team of Sales and Administration Staff, we can help with any enquiry you may have and are always here to help. Inside electrical cables energy travels at various frequencies. In the UK, we use energy at 50Hz, but in fact up to 25% of that energy travels at either higher or lower frequencies called diffractions. Mathematical models show that all of these diffractions add to each other for certain frequencies (also called harmonics) and a significant amount of energy travels at these frequencies. Welding equipment without PFC technology can only draw the energy at 50Hz, which is not very efficient, whilst equipment with PFC technology is able to draw all the energy that is available from all the frequency levels. GYS is also equipping machines with Flexible Voltage (FV) technology. GYS FV machines can operate at any voltage in the range 85V-265V. Ideal for 110V applications and whenever there is a likelihood of variations in voltage, for example on site with a generator and maybe with long extension leads, With the combined technology of PFC and FV welding performance can be significantly enhanced where there is only a suboptimal power source available. For example the GYSMI 196 FV is capable of welding 3.2mm electrodes on 110V on very long extension leads. Currently these technologies are incorporated into the GYS range of inverter MMA. TIG and Plasma machines - the GYSMI195, a 230V 160Amp MMA machine, the GYSMI 196FV, a MMA machine and Master 200FV, a 200 Amp PFC and FV MMA/TIG inverter, the TIG200DC HF FV and TIG 207AC/DC HF FV TIG machines as well as the Plasma Cutter 31FV.
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