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Hampstead dental

Title: Hampstead dental
Description: Dr Mehran Sanei graduated as a dentist in the UK in 1992, and attained his Masters degree and Speciality in the USA in 1999. He is the practice Principal dentist and is recognised by the British General Dental Council and the American Dental Association as a Specialist in Prosthodontics, which includes disciplines such as general dentistry, cosmetics, dental implants, crown/bridgework, full mouth reconstructions, removable dentures and joint therapy. He is rightly proud of his team, which includes specialist Endodontist Dr Shahrzad Rahbaran and Consultant Oral Surgeon Mr Anish Shah who practises at Dr Sanei’s sister practice in Harley Street. We are confident in our ability to overcome dental challenges. Our specialist treatments include dental implants for those with missing or damaged teeth, root canal therapy to reverse the effects of deep decay and gum treatment to help counteract the damage caused by gum disease. Wisdom teeth can often cause a problem for clients when they become impacted; this usually takes the form of soft tissue impaction where the emerging tooth is covered by gum tissue. Our dental team are experienced at dealing with impaction issues and prompt action will help to avoid the swelling, pain and bad smell associated with infected gum tissue.
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